My Meta Farm x Onston – New collaboration in 2022

My Meta Farm has been cooperating with Onston since June 2, 2022. This is one of the marks that My Meta Farm has become a member of the Metaverse Alliance. It has implications for developing and creating even more enjoyable game experiences.

What are ONSTON and Metaverse Alliance?

For those who don’t know, ONSTON is a link that integrates or expands all members of the ONSTON Metaverse community. Onston develops ONSTON Metaverse Platform and ONSTON Marketplace, a new virtual reality metaverse ecosystem using blockchain technology and building 3D virtual worlds by linking VR / AR devices.

In the future, the Metaverse will present all aspects of life, and people can count on this as the foundation on which we integrate into the future.

My Meta Farm has officially become a member of the Metaverse Alliance in June 2022.

Metaverse Alliance is a community created to provide users with a more diverse metaverse experience. By proposing a strategic partnership that can create synergy with each other, users will enjoy the most vivid and rich Metaverse world with multiple platforms that are members of the Metaverse Alliance.

As mentioned, My Meta Farm has officially become a member of the Metaverse Alliance in June 2022. This is expected to bring a completely open experience for users. This is a step forward for both My Meta Farm, Onston and others.

What is up in the future with My Meta Farm?

Metaverse Alliance presents a new vision with Metaverse at its core. From there, users in general and of My Meta Farm, in particular, will all be able to optimize their experience in Metaverse.

The first advantage is scalability for users. 

You can imagine how users will be served by various Metaverse platforms – unlimited! This means that the cross-platform virtual world will allow players to exchange and interact with many other worlds seamlessly, without difficulty, and freely using their NFT.

Metaverse Alliance will satisfy users’ cravings for a variety of content.

The orientation of decentralization and freedom is expressed

According to Onston, the biggest difference between the centralized metaverse and the blockchain metaverse is that it is oriented towards decentralization. Normally, users are controlled by a centralized Metaverse central server. Metaverse blockchain is different, the Metaverse Alliance was created for free movement between NFT-based metaverse.

Third, create limitless content creation together

Metaverse Alliance will satisfy users’ cravings for a variety of content. With many different Metaverse platforms, users will surely feel satisfied with different content.

About My Meta Farm

My Meta Farm is a massive open-world game suitable for all citizens powered by blockchain technology, which is incorporated into my metaverse. To construct My Meta Farm, the project’s core team comprises EastFog Studios and Starpunk, two highly regarded units in the gaming and blockchain-based product development industry.

My Meta Farm is a massive open-world game suitable for all citizens powered by blockchain technology.

By becoming a member of the Metaverse alliance, My Meta Farm hopes to bring players to experience a Metaverse world beyond their imagination. Hopefully, in the future, My Meta Farm will be able to contribute to the development of the Metaverse alliance.

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