My Meta Farm: Explore a high-quality metaverse on 3D NFT farming game

My Meta Farm is not only a farming game but also a metaverse world where citizens may go fishing, have a meal, go shopping, go sightseeing, and do tons of interesting activities with new friends from all over the open world. Our metaverse city will bring joyful moments to our players while allowing them to create their own world.

A new concept of Blockchain — based 3D farming game

My Meta Farm caters to all of the most important points: fun, full of farm factors, and freely creative regardless of whether they are NFT-based or blockchain-based. Our strength is open-world farming games, and it’s promoted by blockchain and NFT.

The world to explore and create your own metaverse life

A new term spreading throughout the gaming industry and driving every single investor and technophile crazy is called “metaverse”. It’s a virtual world where players can interact, communicate and purchase through avatars and digital media. A metaverse game designed opening to other Worlds to connect for playing and trading.

Free to play various minigames in metaverse world

In My Meta Farm’s City, there are many minigame playgrounds that players can join anytime they want. The gameplay of these minigames is very diverse and interesting. More specifically, players can join these games with their friends or this is also the environment to create more relationships with people around the world.

A massive amount of content and features to unleash your creativity

My Meta Farm world allows players to experience care work such as farm care, house care, or pet care; adventure into new lands, hunt for precious treasures, rent or purchase items and earn money by different tasks in the game.

➖ Farming: Purchase and have full ownership of a small land. Players can manage, develop, exploit resources and build their own farms on them.

➖ Growing: Plant seeds that they exploited or bought from the market to earn more valuable products.

➖ Raising: Raise the animal from the resource that you collect.

➖ Harvesting: Harvest and sell agricultural products in the market or use them for personal needs.

➖ Fishing: To be your food lately, or to trade on the market.

➖ Crafting: Craft a new weapon/defense system to increase their odds of winning battles or create furniture for their beloved home.

➖ Exploitation: Each piece of land will have a different amount of resources. Players will have to mine for themselves, and the rewards can be valuable resources that enable them to lead a regal life.

➖ Cooking: Cook your meal, grow your character!

➖ House Decoration: Decorate their houses with their hand-made items or furniture bought in other players’ stores in the city.

Be easy and attractive to mass players

The open-world farming game commits to becoming a high-quality metaverse game providing new experiences and business investment opportunities for players.

For everyone: An amiable graphics game attracts a wide range of users. Different from most action or shooting games, which have little appeal to the minority of players, especially females.

Metaverse: A potential game keeping up with the latest gaming trend, aiming to bring a new experience for the players.

GameFi: Empowered by blockchain technology, an economy is created in the game which allows players to easily trade in-game resources and exchange in the marketplace for tokens, even the smallest ones.

With creative content, great strategy as well as enormous support, My Meta Farm is in an extremely promising position to develop into one of the hottest 3D NFT games.

For more about My Meta Farm:

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