AMA Recap: My Meta Farm x Polygon Japan

My Meta Farm just participated in the AMA event with Polygon Japan with many participants from both community members. This event brought us a chance to share the project with interested and supportive citizens. The article is a recap of this event, read it if you missed our AMA.

About the AMA of My Meta Farm and Polygon Japan

Host: Yoshitaka Okayama – Polygon Japan

Guest: Trieu Nguyen – My Meta Farm

Participants: All members of My Meta Farm and Polygon Japan’s community

Time: 11:00 AM (UTC) on September 30th, 2022

Twitter space: On this link.

AMA Recap

I’m going to ask my questions from above. For the first 5 minutes or so, Yoshitaka will give a free talk in Japanese.

Introduction of My Meta Farm

Founder Name: Mr. Thanh Le – CEO | Mr.Sang Ly – CTO | Mr. Son Vu – COO | Mr. Trieu Nguyen – CPO

Number of current users (in real numbers): Discord: 43.7K | Twitter: 69.8K

A specific description of our project: My Meta Farm is supposed to be a beautiful world contributed by users, and it brings users the best experience of gaming entertainment, socializing, and creativity. In this mirror world, creativity is encouraged via house design, land design, and fashion design.

Inspired by successful projects like The SandBox, Decentraland, Animal Crossing, our project is becoming a colorful unlimited map with excellent 3D graphics. We provide tools for citizens to design, support users in making digital assets and provide a marketplace for commercializing these products. Besides, various exciting games, events, and exhibitions in this virtual world make players stay in the Metaverse. 

In addition, there will be a very attractive game released this October. With the unique Battle Royale feature, you will surely love it!

The team behind My Meta Farm

Mr. Thanh Le – CEO: Founder / CEO of EastFog Studios – one of the pioneers in the early indie game development movement in Vietnam since 2009. He is also the initiator of the movement-making games on Steam, bringing famous Vietnamese games into the international playground. 

My Meta Farm is a very fast-growing and strong project with more than 50 enthusiastic and highly specialized members in different fields. Beside the version of the game you have experienced in the MVP and EXPO event versions is a product created by talented members of Eastfog Studio – A famous game development unit in Vietnam with more than 13 years of experience. Combined with that, all blockchain and marketing-related solutions are handled by more than 20 experts in their respective fields.

Encounter with Crypto history

Mr. Trieu Nguyen – CPO: 6 years experience as blockchain researcher; R&D Lead at Starpunk; Former Marketing Strategist at Gunstar Metaverse.

What made My Meta Farm decide to do the current business?

Because we want to adopt a new trend of the technology world – which is “metaverse” and “Web3.0”. We are eager to contribute our work to build up a brand new experience for technology enthusiasts.

With the metaverse, we can apply it to any use case from gaming to work, and socialization. Besides, it has the potential to transform every aspect of our lives such as hosting a wedding, for example, our angel investor’s wedding. 

Difficulties during the business start-up period

During the development process, we encountered many challenges because it can be said that Metaverse was one of the new concepts in the market at that time. In addition, reaching out to the community and communicating the ideals of the product is also a long journey.

Specific use cases of company services

Our project is becoming a colorful unlimited map with excellent 3D graphics. We provide tools for people to design, support users in making digital assets, and provide a marketplace for commercializing these products. Besides, there are various exciting games, events, and exhibitions in this virtual world, which make players stay in Metaverse.

The business model of the game

We identified four main My Meta Farm client groups. Those are the players, who need an open world to be socializing, entertaining and easily accessible. Creators need a diverse environment to unleash their creativity and make money. The third is brands that want a precisely targeted advertising channel. And finally investors who recognize a platform’s early monetization opportunities.

From there, we provide solutions to satisfy each of our client groups. When the product goes well, the sources of income will be In-app purchases, NFT Collections (Mystery Boxes, Lands, Digital Fashion…), In-app advertisements, Subscriptions (Advanced creative tools, Premium Users, Special tasks…), Minting service fee (+/-), the Trading fee (Marketplace).

When My Meta Farm felt the service was growing

In the last quarter of 2022 (October, Nov, and December) we will launch an extremely special feature for players named Battle Royale Magic, which not only has attractive and dramatic levels, but users can also get a lot of rewards (tokens, NFTs…) from participating in the game and completing daily activities. Our goal is to reach more than 100k users by the end of this year, and the number of DAUs is expected to be around 5000 users.

What are your current challenges and the main tasks that are taking up most of your time?

We always want to share the ideal of product development with as many users as possible, and sometimes we don’t have too many opportunities and time to accomplish this in the best way. Participating in AMAs with communities will be a great opportunity for us to achieve our goals.

Long-term vision

Our product is an Open World platform, so having many users and many nationalities is indispensable. We plan to build a strong community with various players: artists, investors, organizations, and companies. Each type of our customer will find their interest in our metaverse. The Japanese community is one of My Meta Farm’s target markets in phase 1, so we will continue to take care of the current Japanese users in our community, and there will be many interesting Japan-specific events (airdrops, AMAs, Design Competitions,…).

What do you want to do in the Japanese market?

We are trying every day to share the image and voice of My Meta Farm with the communities. The Japanese market is one of the most promising targets. Besides this, we are lucky to have a supportive and great community (many of which are Japanese) that is our primary motivation to develop and perfect the product. 

Because we understand that the Japanese market demands real dedication and high-quality products. My Meta Farm was recently a part of shortlisting of the Tokyo Future Blockchain Game Award, we are confident that we have the opportunity to connect with major partners in Japan, and we will have specific announcements soon.

I am extremely passionate about digital fashion and want to bring digital fashion inside our metaverse with worldwide brands. We also can do cross-marketing and our citizens will see brands’ advertisements or even experience brands’ products. Shopping for clothes from Japanese brands like Uniqlo, Sapporo, and Asahi… in our metaverse!

About My Meta Farm

My Meta Farm is the first attempt and the 3-year dedication of the game-making team at creating an open world with an interesting storyline that can appeal to both casual players and blockchain enthusiasts. My Meta Farm now is part of the metaverse world – a new generation of the future Internet. My Meta Farm is associated with the open-world concept, allowing players to freely create everything.

My Meta Farm is the first attempt and the 3-year dedication of the game-making team at creating an open world with an interesting storyline that can appeal to both casual players and blockchain enthusiasts.

My Meta Farm has already created a social platform with 6 features that help players express their creativity, namely:


Players can buy and own virtual lands and experience life as a resident of Metaverse City.

3D Avatar

This allows players to create their own unique 3D avatars.

Creative tool

This is a tool to help you build your favorite house and land.

Digital Fashion

Players can freely design digital fashion, not only to beautify their characters but also to exchange and buy on the Marketplace.


Interesting games that keep players entertained.


Creating a living space for players to socialize with friends and monetize their gaming experience.

My Meta Farm hopes to be able to enhance the player’s experience because our efforts come from a single motivation – Your Idea – Our Aspiration!

Website | Twitter | Fanpage | Discord | Global Community | Facebook Group | Telegram Channel | Medium | Youtube | Linkedin | Instagram | Tiktok | Email: [email protected]


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