Battle Royale Game Tutorial


In the Battle Royale game PvE mode, players will face off against 25 others and one player in a last-man-standing showdown. To become the last survivor, players will need to collect weapons and XP bubbles, level up, and strategically use their skills to defeat their opponents.


There are four types of weapons in the game:

  • Sword
  • Spear
  • Magic Wand
  • Elemental Bow

Each weapon can have one of three elements: Fire, Snow, or Lightning. These weapons appear randomly around the map, and players can pick them up by standing on them for 2.5 seconds. Players can only carry one weapon at a time.

Leveling Up

Players can fill up their experience bar by killing other players or collecting XP bubbles. When they level up, they will be presented with three options to buff one of their stats:

  • Total Health Points (HP)
  • Movement Speed (Spd)
  • Attack Reload Speed (Reload Spd)
  • Weapon Attack Distance (Att Distance)
  • Attack Damage (Dmg)

Reaching certain levels will unlock new skills:

  • Special (B) at level 3
  • Ultimate (Y) at level 6

Each weapon will have its own unique powers and animations for these skills.

Other Features

  • Chests containing HP recovery or armor points can be found around the map.
  • At the start of the match, a circle will appear around the map. This circle will gradually shrink, and players outside the circle will take damage. The longer the battle goes on, the greater the damage from the circle will be.

PC Version Controls

  • Right click to attack
  • Left click to use Special skill
  • Press Space to use Ultimate skill

Mouse cursor should be used to select buffs every time leveling up.


As it is currently an alpha version, there will be tweaks and improvements coming. We wish everyone a great gaming experience.


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