My Meta Farm Alpha Test: Let’s dive into many mini-events 

Following the success of MVP and EXPO in July, to fulfill a long promise to the beloved community, My Meta Farm will be back. We call this version the “Alpha test”. And it will be like a limited-participant event with attractive prizes and interesting events.

Alpha Test mini-events

Like MVP and EXPO events, Alpha Test is a game version for players to try out before officially releasing. In particular, this version also has a new game hub – Battle Royale. Besides participating in this event, you can also join the following mini-events:

1. Mini event: Bug Bounty

Players participating in the event when detecting a game with a bug can capture it and then report it to us by creating a ticket in our Discord server. Top bug hunters can win prizes totaling up to 2000 $MMF. During your playing experience, if you see anything that you suspect is a bug, please create a ticket.

My Meta Farm Bug Bounty event
Mini event: Bug Bounty

Event Time: October 27th, 2022 – November 3rd, 2022 (7 days)

Prizes: $MMF vouchers worth a total 2000 $MMF for those best hunters 

– Top 5: 200 $MMF

– 10 runner-up: 100 $MMF.

– 01 🧩 for every participant

Details on how to participate in Bug Bounty: Read here

2. Mini event: Share your moment

Let’s save beautiful and enjoyable moments with your friends inside our city by taking a picture. This event will be an opportunity for you not only to share your moments with your friends but also to receive attractive gifts from us.

Mini event: Share your moment.
Mini event: Share your moment.

Event Time: October 27th, 2022 – November 3rd, 2022 (7 days)

Rewards: 2000 $MMF vouchers for the 15 best metaverse lovers

  • Top 5 greatest moments, each gets 200 $MMF
  • 10 runner-up win 100 $MMF each
  • 🧩 01 NFT piece in Discord for every participant

To participate in this event is very simple, you can submit any kind of media:

Step 1: You can take a photo/record video to capture your best moments at metaverse city.

Step 2: Post it on Facebook/Twitter with the hashtags: #MyMetafarm #BattleRoyale #AlphaTest

Step 3: Fill in the Google Form of My Meta Farm.

Details on how to participate in Share your moment: Read here

3. Mini event: Battle Royale – Share your victory

A brand new and exciting mini-event has appeared Alpha Test: Battle Royale – Share your victory. Coming to this event, let’s play Battle Royale and be the ultimate winner of the match.

Then, take a screenshot of your victory and send it to the “share-victory” channel in our Discord.

Battle Royale – Share your victory.

Event Time: October 28th, 2022 – November 3rd, 2022 

Total reward: 1000 $MMF


  • The 50 quickest citizens who share their victory will win 20 $MMF each
  • 🧩01 NFT piece in Discord (For every citizen that shares the victory moment on social media).

Details on how to participate in Battle Royale – Share your victory: Read here

4. Mini event: Leaderboard – Alpha test point

Earn and accumulate as many points as you can to be in our top 50. If you are at the top of the highest score, you will definitely receive a reward.

Login to the Alpha Test and get points from Daily Check-in, spin the Shiba slot machine, play Battle Royale… and so many activities. The top 50 highest point holders will receive the largest $MMF pool reward. So let’s compete and get points together.

Event Time: October 27th, 2022 – November 3rd, 2022 


  • 4000 $MMF in total.
  • The top 10 highest points get 200 $MMF each.
  • The next 40 citizens on the leaderboard get 50 $MMF each.

At the end of the event, you will be able to use these points to play Lucky Wheel for a chance to win our special NFTs.

Details on how to participate in Leaderboard – Alpha test point: Read here

5. Mini event: Lucky Wheel

When running around the Metaverse, you will easily come across lucky spins. To play it, you need to use points to exchange spins. In particular, this lucky wheel has a lot of cool NFTs of My Meta Farm.

You can use points from Battle Royale, Slot machine, and Daily Check-in to redeem your turns.

My Meta Farm
Mini event: Lucky Wheel

Event Time: After October 27th, 2022

Rewards: The best NFTs of My Meta Farm.

Daily Check-in – Daily activities not to be missed

It’s very simple, enter our metaverse and check in every day. On the 7th day, you can open a gift box to get a surprise NFT from us.

Daily Check-in

You will receive 500 points per daily check-in, you can use these points to:

  • Race top in our tournament
  • Change turns in the slot machine
  • Play the Lucky Wheel at the end of the event for a chance to win our special NFTs.

Battle Royale – New experience for you!

With this game, you will have thrilling and suspenseful moments to become the ultimate winner. You will have water power, firepower, and earth power. Then use your skills to be a survivor. Each game has a certain amount of time, and you need to play hard during this time.

Not only in Battle Royale, but My Meta Farm also cooperates with other game studios to launch many attractive hub games. We promise you will always enjoy the latest game hub from My Meta Farm.

My Meta Farm Battle Royale
In Battle Royale, you will have thrilling and suspenseful moments to become the ultimate winner.

This is not all! There are still secrets that My Meta Farm has not announced. Be patient and wait for those secrets!

Who can participate in the Alpha Test of My Meta Farm?

This Alpha Test version is a limited edition, so not everyone can participate. If you remember the Honored Citizen Card, this is your ticket to becoming a citizen in Metaverse City. And in this Alpha Test, this card has a high value because whoever has this card will be able to join. For those who have it, My Meta Farm will snapshot NFT in their wallet at 3:00 AM (UTC) on 26th October 2022.

In addition, we also opened some other opportunities for those who do not have an Honored Citizen Card through the Giveaway.

About My Meta Farm

My Meta Farm is a Web3 Metaverse – friendly to all users to enjoy entertainment, socializing, and creativity.

My Meta Farm combines the TheSandBox model of Open World Gaming, decentralization, and user data ownership with Animal Crossing’s success of soothing and imaginative experience to create a carefully-crafted blockchain platform, compatible with all devices.

My Meta Farm Inventory
My Meta Farm is a Web3 Metaverse – friendly to all users to enjoy entertainment, socializing, and creativity.

My Meta Farm has already created a social platform with 6 features that help players express their creativity, namely:

My meta Farm Metaverse

Players can buy and own virtual lands and experience life as a citizen of Metaverse City.

My Meta Farm 3D Avatar

This allows players to create their own unique 3D avatars.

Creative tool

This is a tool to help you build your favorite house and land.

Digital Fashion

Players can freely design digital fashion, not only to beautify their characters but also to exchange and buy on the Marketplace.

My Meta Farm minigames

Interesting games that keep players entertained.


Creating a living space for players to socialize with friends and monetize their gaming experience.

My Meta Farm hopes to be able to enhance the player’s experience because our efforts come from a single motivation – Your Idea – Our Aspiration!

Website | Twitter | Fanpage | Discord | Global Community | Facebook Group | Telegram Channel | Medium | Youtube | Linkedin | Instagram | Tiktok | Email: [email protected].


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