My Meta Farm Metaverse Campaign: Wrapping up!

Hi there, all the wonderful citizens of My Meta Farm!

Firstly, thank you for the fervent support from the community; we honestly super-duper appreciate it. Our developers have recently received some feedbacks and statistics that showed us how well received our campaign was. Everyone at My Meta Farm was hyped with the results we got from the Metaverse Campaign, knowing the community enjoyed our project.

What has happened in our Metaverse Campaign?

This AirDrop event has finally reached its conclusion; nevertheless, it is still not too late to be involved, so take it easy and enjoy yourself! In this event, we gave away sets of wonderful NFTs, including pets, stylish hat and headphones, and VR glasses, which are suitable for citizens’ intention of excessive decorations. 

My Meta Farm Metaverse Campaign begins from 12:00 PM UTC March 18th to 12:00 PM UTC April 8th, 2022

Now, please take a look at our achievements throughout this Metaverse Campaign.

Top 3 countries participating in Metaverse Campaign 

We would like to shout out to the top three countries participating in the Metaverse Airdrop in our first part.

Japan, Indonesia, and Vietnam!

You guys are the big shots!!

Your creativity and support have influenced other citizens, more neighbors are coming into our town and we appreciate the enthusiasm and fervent support! We hope you’re rocking the prize that you got.

top 3 countries enthusiastically participated in My Meta Farm Metaverse Campaign
Thanks to the top 3 countries who enthusiastically participated in our Metaverse Campaign

Number of participants after more than 2 weeks of Metaverse Campaign 

In only 2 weeks! We have had over 40.598 new citizens in town through participating in the event.

Can you believe it? Woo-hoo, big wins of the season for our community and us! So we decided to open more events in order to expand the coverage of My Meta Farm to more and more players, even more than the number of participants in this event. 

My Meta Farm Metaverse Campaign
Metaverse Campaign has reached 40.598 in only 2 weeks

Future Airdrop Event

For latecomers, don’t worry guys!

Although this airdrop event is wrapping up, as players who have already participated in the campaign are returning to their metaverse and waiting for the prizes, there are still many more chances for you.

New wonderful events are coming up with more interesting prizes, so remember to check out our social media and websites frequently to avoid missing out on any of these cool events.

In the future, we’ll hold many airdrops for NFT holders in various blockchain games. Share with us which project you would like to see in our upcoming airdrops. Because maybe My Meta Farm will make these wishes come true. 

About My Meta Farm

My Meta Farm is a Web3 Metaverse – friendly to all users to enjoy entertainment, socializing, and creativity.

My Meta Farm combines the TheSandBox model of Open World Gaming, decentralization, and user data ownership with Animal Crossing’s success of soothing and imaginative experience to create a carefully-crafted blockchain platform, compatible with all devices.

My Meta Farm
My Meta Farm is a Web3 Metaverse – friendly to all users to enjoy entertainment, socializing, and creativity.

My Meta Farm has already created a social platform with 6 features that help players express their creativity, namely:

My meta Farm Metaverse

Players can buy and own virtual lands and experience life as a resident of Metaverse City.

My Meta Farm 3D Avatar

This allows players to create their own unique 3D avatars.

Creative tool

This is a tool to help you build your favorite house and land.

Digital Fashion

Players can freely design digital fashion, not only to beautify their characters but also to exchange and buy on the Marketplace.

My Meta Farm minigames

Interesting games that keep players entertained.


Creating a living space for players to socialize with friends and monetize their gaming experience.

My Meta Farm hopes to be able to enhance the player’s experience because our efforts come from a single motivation – Your Idea – Our Aspiration!

Website | Twitter | Fanpage | Discord | Global Community | Facebook Group | Telegram Channel | Medium | Youtube | Linkedin | Instagram | Tiktok | Email: [email protected].


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