My Meta Farm MVP: The beginning!

My Meta Farm MVP will be released in July and will launch soon. Check out the article below for more event details.

What is MVP?

MVP – Minimum Viable Product is the available product. In software development, this is a stripped-down version of an application. Usually, Game producers release MVP before the official app product is released. The feature of the available product is that it has all the minimum features for the user.

However, some of its premium features or quality cannot match the official product. Minimum Viable Product is like a trial version for customers to experience, thereby making customers want to take part in it when it is officially launched.

What is the purpose of My Meta Farm when creating MVP?

Unlike the MVP in common mobile games, the My Meta Farm MVP wants to delivery is a Minimum Viable Product. We want to use MVP as a tool to help research the needs of gamers. It’s like a trial run for new software. 

This event will allow users to experience minimal features in the upcoming My Meta farm. However, there are many interesting features and you can experience them when My Meta Farm officially releases the product.

What activities can you experience in MVP?

First, when entering this MVP, you will choose the character that you like. Then, you can use the NFTs that you claimed from the previous airdrop.

The first step, choose your avatar!

Besides, you can also travel and explore the city of Metaverse City. Or, to put it more interestingly, you are the very first guests to experience the beautiful world My Meta Farm. Not only that, inside the MVP event, there are also small events and gifts for participants.

Start your Jouney in My Meta Farm as the very first citizent.

4 Features in the MVP Event

In the MVP version, you will be able to experience the main features including:

Metaverse city

You can take pictures and try your luck with this Lucky Machine.

Fist, you will meet friends in the My Meta Farm community. Chat and take pictures together. Move with a simple key combination, “W” to go up, “S” to go down, “A” to turn left, and “D” to turn right, or use the mouse to choose where to move to. Then you can walk around the city already!

Moreover, you can pay attention to the chat box, which will be the place for you to chat with other players. The camera icon will help you capture the moment in the game. Furthermore, you can also play minigames and participate in events and get valuable rewards. 


Let’s try to be a stylist with this feature of My Meta Farm.

Secondly, with this feature, you can customize costumes and accessories for your character to walk in the city. A note for you, currently, the MVP version only has a female default character. With the original, you will be able to choose the gender of the character.

Map Editor

Let’s create your house!

Thirdly, this feature allows you to design the land as you like, including houses, lakes, and other types of furniture. You can freely arrange, and change the items on the land as you like with the available items.

Item Maker

With this My Meta Farm, you can be a fashion designer.

Finally, this is your feature to design your own clothes. You will have the freedom to be creative, and become a professional or amateur fashion designer.

Who can participate in the My Meta Farm MVP?

This is a limited attendee event. There will has some certain conditions for you to participate. Do you remember about the power card you received? It will give you your ticket to participate as a Metaverse City citizen.

Remember to take advantage of the NFTs that you claimed last time in the upcoming MVP event!

As we mentioned, you can use the claimed NFTs in the upcoming MVP event. You can freely change and wear NFT custome such as Backpack of the legendary Armstrong, Kebaya belle, Grandslam Exclusive Fit, Sport Cap Headsets, High-end VR Glasses, and Celtics Charm Varsity Jacket for your character in My Meta Farm.

Plus, cute Rexie and Lana can walk with you like as your pet. Isn’t it great?

About My Meta Farm

My Meta Farm is a metaverse integrated with a huge open world and social games hub powered by blockchain technology. The project’s core teams are EastFog Studios and Starpunk, two reputable units in the game development community and blockchain-based product development industry, having strong commitments and being responsible for producing My Meta Farm.

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